Your All-In-One Solution for Live Streaming Community Engagement is your private live video network that allows community leaders to price, schedule, promote and deliver live streaming broadcasts to audiences of any size and engage audiences with video conferencing services. 

Combined with your onsite venues, can help you extend your reach with virtual meeting services, virtual webinars and live streaming events. works on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and all major web browsers.

No minimum views are needed. You can go live with audiences of any size with

Your community, your network, your way. Enables You to Create a Custom, Intuitive and Completely Interactive Video Experience to Engage and Grow Your Audience. 

Easily create and manage your own live video network that allows you to maximize your brand messages.

Simple to use and gives you access to an impressive library of built-in tools and customizable options, which will increase the interest and engagement of your audience.

Seamlessly deliver a live broadcast or video-on-demand event, while providing a world-class online experience for your audience.

Create new revenue streams through memberships, sponsorships, subscriptions, advertising and pay-per-view opportunities to enhance your return on investment.

Control the viewership of your video content, by restricting access to specific users, you can ensure the right people are seeing the content intended for them.

A Better Way to Communicate With Your Audience 


Broadcast your events to the world in real-time with our simple plug and play technology. 


Virtual help desk, meetings rooms, live webinars and video chat all-in-one. 


Provide an on-demand experience for your audience with an organized library of video content. 


Create your own live video network and allow users to create an unlimited amount of ways to utilize various content. 


Generate your own real-time reports.

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